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The above string of words is what I used to label the whole ‘new age’ genre and everything within it. This is the story of how my beliefs were turned completely on their head in the space of a year.


There are no pictures to depict the title of this post so this was drawn by me (if you couldn't tell!)

There are no pictures to depict the title of this post so this was drawn by me (if you couldn’t tell!)

My old beliefs –

  • People who meditated could be doing something more useful with their time.
  • Yoga doesn’t burn many calories and is a waste of a workout.
  • Crystals are just pretty rocks and I won’t buy a dust collector.
  • Psychics are good guessers and are ripping gullible people off.
  • Tarot and angel cards have pretty pictures on them but I wouldn’t let a picture on a piece of cardboard give me life advice.

So when did I believe all of this? Just 12 months ago. I could not understand or relate to anyone who did daily yoga, bought crystals or meditated. I didn’t get it. No one explained it to me in a way I understood and I never went seeking more information. I didn’t get exposed to any of this when I was growing up and did not know anyone who did. I made quick judgements on people and practices on face value and never looked beneath. I did not take the time to experience anything for myself to make an informed decision.

How did I change my beliefs? Education and experience.

I started reading  books and attending workshops within the health and wellness profession. I became exposed to the ‘self love’ phenomenon and affirmations. A whole new world was opened up by following inspirational people on Instagram. I tried things I’d never tried before at Jessica Ainscough’s retreat and started to meditate and do regular yoga sessions for the first time in my life. As soon as I began opening up my mind to new experiences, I embraced new beliefs and ways of thinking without dismissing them immediately.

Through increasing my health and confidence, I was letting go of negativity and the security shield of what I was used to. When new opportunities entered my life, I embraced them without dwelling on any possible negative factors.

I never thought I’d ever pay to have a reading done. Two weeks ago I did! I asked my beautiful, spiritual friend Lauren to go with me. It was an aura photo with a 15 min reading. On the first of January I’d chosen the word ‘trust’ as my word for January to be written in my ‘Create your Amazing Year’ calendar. I wrote it in big capital letters. During the reading, the psychic wrote one word down in capital letters and emphasised why to me – TRUST. At the end of the reading, she asked me to choose a bookmark from about ten. They were all face down. I chose the one below. I would’ve written this off to be a crazy coincidence twelve months ago. Now I choose to believe it is a sign of something I really need to take notice of.


You can make out the TRUST!!! half way down on the right.

You can make out the TRUST!!! half way down on the right.











Everything I’ve learned and experienced in these last 10 months have led me to take on a new set of beliefs -

My new beliefs –

Meditation is a way I relieve stress and let go of negativity and pain. I do not do this as regularly as I would like, but even once a week is a huge step up from where I was this time last year. It makes me feel relaxed and calm.

Yoga trains my body and mind. It is a mirror – showing myself my strengths and weaknesses. It is still very challenging for me and I have to admit I do not enjoy myself throughout a whole class. I always feel great afterwards and celebrate small achievements such as holding a new pose strong. At the moment I’m focusing on a 10 – 30min session at home, five days a week.

Crystals have healing properties if you believe they do. I have bought ten of them for myself and a few for close friends who I felt needed them at the time. I have one in my bag, one in my car, one on my desk at work, a few by my desk at home, in front of my goal area artworks and one beside my bed.

Psychics are in tune with some higher power and can sense things I can’t. My first ever experience of having a reading was amazing and has changed my opinion about them.

Tarot and angel cards can help ease your mind and give you comfort when you need guidance. I have used these a few times over the last few months. I did an interesting reading on New Years Eve. at 11:55pm on Dec 31st 2013, I turned over this card –


At 12:05am on Jan 1st 2014, I turned over this card –


I’m not sharing what this meant to me, but I can assure you it helped me transition into the new year and let go of things I was still holding on to.

Have you ever come to believe in something you never thought you would? I would love to hear from you!

~ Kim



  1. Interesting info Kim :) I personally do see Tarot cards a things to be taken too literally, or base large life choices on. But I think they are a really great, and fun, useful tool, in helping people to work out the different paths they might want to take in life, whether they feel something is missing from their life, or to help them realise what they actually want. A powerful tool for self realisation.

    I think it’s the way each individual interprets each card, is almost like your own self, telling you, what you subconsciously already knew. If that makes sense…. haha!

    • Thanks for your comment Jill :)
      I agree with you about Tarot cards. If they have a positive impact on someone helping them reach clarity, then they are an amazing tool. People deep down know what they want or what they need to do – sometimes they need a sign to confirm it :)

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