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I was attending a David Wolfe event in Brisbane last year when he announced the last prize draw of the day. I had all my fingers crossed willing the recipient to be me! Up flashed the name Jess Ainscough. ‘Oh bummer,’ I thought. As this girl walked up to the stage with a beaming smile, David said “I know you!” Jess laughed and said, “Yes I’ve interviewed you.” He encouraged her to share a bit about her story. That was the first time I came to know Jess and her incredible journey.

If you haven’t heard of Jess Ainscough,  (aka The Wellness Warrior), you must jump over to her website. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was 22 and told she would have to have her arm amputated to have a chance of living longer than a few years. By listening to her intuition, Jess did not follow her doctor’s recommendations and sought a different treatment option of Gerson Therapy. This involved a complete clean out of her body by ingesting organic juices and castor oil and doing regular coffee enemas. For two years, Jess was ‘chained to her juicer’ and followed a strict regime to give her body the best chance it had of survival. Her body thrived on the treatment and Jess has managed to outlive her life expectancy and change her life.

Not only her life. Thousands of people have gained insight and knowledge from her blog, speaking appearances and now from her book and book tour.

Soon after reading about her journey I joined up to her Lifestyle Transformation Guide which is an amazing e-course. Week by week, you are introduced a wealth of information to help you implement small changes to transform your life to become your own wellness warrior. In one of the modules was the interview she did with David Wolfe!

I was so fortunate to have been chosen by Jess to attend her very first retreat last September at Cabarita Ocean Retreat. It was an inspiring three days of meditation, yoga, beach walks, juices, delicious organic meals, bike riding, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and best of all –connecting with amazing people and making new friends. Oh – and doing coffee enemas! Yes, Jess wasn’t going to let us get out of sticking coffee up our rear ends! She and Melissa Ambrosini showed us how to do them (Mel had done her first one the night before) and then sent us away to our rooms to have a go ourselves. No excuse when it was all rigged up for us ready to go. I might not write any more about the actual process but if you want to find out more – click here. I still do these once a week at home. They are a great detoxifier and you truly feel amazing afterwards.


My best memory from the retreat was after I had done stand up paddle boarding for the first time in my life! We were all bike riding back to the resort and I was riding alongside Jess. We talked about the retreat, her holiday in Hawaii and how excited she was about her book which was a couple of months off being released. Jess is such a natural, charismatic gentle soul and you feel so amazing in her company.


Make Peace with your Plate is a must have book for those who are confused with what they should be eating to maintain optimal health. Jess cuts through the diet-fads and crazes and gets back to basic whole-food nourishment. My favourite quote from the book –

My message is about wellness: whole body, complete, total, feel-so-good-you-feel-like-you’re-leaving-a-trail-of-rainbow-sparkles-wherever-you-go wellness.



IMG_8024It was so exciting to attend Jess’s event in Brisbane last Thursday night. I took my mum along as I wanted her to be a part of this world of wellness I moved into. The event exceeded my expectations. I knew so much about Jess already, but her 30 minute opening talk had everyone hanging onto her every word. Then out came Wes Carr (former Australian Idol) who told his story about his battle with illness and anxiety and how he has overcome it by getting off the ‘pharmaceutical meds’ and onto the food meds. He cracked us up with some of his anecdotes and views on what self-love means for Aussie blokes. Wes also performed a couple of awesome tracks off his new album which got us on our feet clapping along.

Another of the special guests was Cyndi O’Meara who is a knowledgeable nutritionist. I’ve been following her on Facebook page Changing Habits for years. She is a wealth of information and has been making the same, quality recommendations for healthy eating for 20 years, despite all the low-fat, sugar free fads that come and go.

James Colquhoun is the creator of Food Matters and Hungry for Change. He was highly entertaining to listen to and had such a passion for providing better information for people so they can invariably make better choices for their health. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to him about the impact his documentaries have had on my life.






My life turned around last year and my path to wellness and happiness has been hugely influenced by The Wellness Warrior, Jess Ainscough. She is such a beautiful soul who was kept on this earth to inspire us all to live our best lives (whilst leaving our own trail of rainbow sparkles!!!).

~ Kim

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