How I have lost and put on over 100 kilograms in 10 years – Part 1

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I have tried so many ways of losing weight over the last ten years. I have had meal replacement shakes, counted calories or points, gone to weight loss meetings, seen dieticians, followed online programs, ordered frozen meals, entered my food intake in a website every day, ate low fat, ate high protein, ate no carbs etc. I can honestly say I have lost over 100 kilograms in the last ten years. I have also put on over 100 kilograms too. All of these kilograms were lost or gained on the scale between 70kgs and 90kgs. I have never gone over 90kgs or under 70kgs in the last ten years. The below photo shows me between these two weights. I lost 20kgs in 2011 and this shows the various stages.


It cost me a whole lot of money to ride this exhaustive rollercoaster of constant weight loss or weight gain. The weight loss industry makes big bucks and I was one of their biggest contributors. There weren’t many periods of time where I was maintaining my weight. It is hard to believe my body has endured this for so long. It’s also hard to believe I hated myself so much to have treated it this way. All the diets I tried have positives and negatives. I won’t ever say a diet was ‘bad’ because they do work differently for different people. I will always support anything that helps motivate people to be healthier and I know that many people have and will continue to achieve life-long success through the weight loss programs I tried. For me, they were only ever short-term fixes as every time I stopped doing them, the weight came back on. This year, I have discovered the real reasons why the weight kept coming back and I now know what I have to do to reach a healthy sustainable weight and stay there. I will be sharing this with you over the next few weeks. First of all I want to share my journey and how I got to this point. Keep visiting back over the coming days where I will post up the next parts to this story. I welcome any comments or questions, so please feel free to post these below along the way. ~ Kim

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  1. Great blog Kim. Looking forward to reading the next chapter :)

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