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I have discovered more balance and happiness in my life by focusing on improving four areas – relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality. I’ve always been a great goal setter and love planning goals and following the steps to achieve them. I’ve always done this with my running. Successful goal setting took me from running 5kms to running a full marathon this year.
These are some mistakes people make when setting a goal –

• not identifying why they want it or how they are going to get it
• not sharing the goal with anyone
• not identifying anyone to support them
• not being specific or realistic

Have you ever not reached your goal because of one of these reasons?

I’ve developed a goal setting tool to help you successfully write obtainable goals and achieve them. These goals focus around those four key areas of your life. I designed some images to suit each area and the gorgeous Byron Bay artist Tertia Starr brought them to life for me! Find Tertia on instagram @tertiastarr. I love them so much they are framed in my study.

tertia pic

These gorgeous illustrations are incorporated into the goal setting templates to help inspire you and keep your goals in a visible space. How do you get them? Just fill in your name and email address on the right of my website (or down the bottom on an iphone) and you will be able to download in a matter of seconds!

The download contains –

~ A ‘how to’ guide for writing your goals.
~ Four brainstorming sheets, one for each area
~ Four goal setting templates with coloured borders
~ Four goal setting templates with black borders
    (Just choose which style suits you best! I’m a ‘black border’ girl).

If you have a question or need some support, please do not hesitate to email me. I wish you all the best with your goal setting and hope this tool will help improve your quality of life, just as it has for me!

~ Kim

One Comment

  1. This is awesome Kim.
    I’d love these tools.
    Thank you so much

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