April 20, 2014
by Kim

My Sol Juice Cleanse

My last juice fast was in June last year when I first bought my Hurom juicer. It lasted for five days and I felt amazing! In October/November last year I did my 28 day Pulse fast which had the same results (read about that here). Although I didn’t feel yucky or run down last week, I still felt like I needed to detox give my body a break from digesting food.

I came across Sol Cleanse online after a quick internet search. They are a company based on the Gold Coast who deliver one, two, three or five day cleanses. The cleanses come in three levels -

1. Lighten Up – juices, smoothies, dahl, herbal tea, nut milk

2. Ready to Shine – juices, smoothies, nut milk, herbal tea.

3. Go Green Deep Clean - juices, herbal tea.

I opted for the three day, Level 3 – Go Green Deep Clean. I chose this option because I’d already experienced a juice fast before so I knew what I was in for. I also do not drink milk – even nut milk so the other options were not appealing to me!

You can have your cleanse delivered to your door or pickup from Palm Beach (Gold Coast, QLD). As I was on holidays, I picked up my juices from the lovely ladies of Sol Cleanse and was super excited to get home and have a look in the box.


As you can see, the juices were kept nice and cool from the ice packs and the special bubble wrap! In addition to the juices, there was 18 paper straws, herbal tea with a strainer, psyllium husks, menu of juices and detailed information and instructions.


Here’s a breakdown on the six juices I was drinking across the three days.

Please note I was on a Level 3 juice cleanse. If you are new to detoxing, then Level 1 or Level 2 are best.


Energise – lemon, stevia and cayenne pepper in filtered water.


Joy – Kale, Cucumber, Cos Lettuce, Apple, Mint.


Balance – Silverbeet, Cos Lettuce, Celery, Apple.


Radiant – Broccoli, Green Beans, Lemon, Spinach, Apple.


Courage – Orange, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, Tumeric.


Love – Beetroot, Carrot, Ginger, Apple.

I was surprised at how yummy all the juices were. Honestly! I thought there would at least be one bad one but I enjoyed drinking them all. Courage was my most favourite which was a shock to me as I am not a fan of ginger or tumeric. I’m actually going to start adding these into my future juices.

My next favourite was Radiance which was also surprising because I’d never thought of juicing broccoli or beans before and dislike eating these vegetables. I would rate Energise the lowest – only because I have lemon water every morning anyway so I’d rather have had another juice instead of this. In saying that, I realise not everyone does this, so including a lemon water is beneficial for those who are new to it.

The jars hold almost two cups of juice (that’s all you need) and they are filled to the brim!


Each morning, Sol Cleanse sends you an email with some motivation and inspiration for your day. It is a great mode of support and a reminder to treat your mind as kindly as you are currently treating your body.


Drinking the yummy ‘Joy’ juice!

Day One I was expecting to be difficult, but it was quite easy. I had a lot of things to distract myself with and the next time to have a juice came around quickly. A glass of water was drunk after each juice and I had a glass of water with psyllium husks stirred through for fibre.

Day Two was a little more difficult as I felt more hunger than the day before. The feeling would pass as soon as I had another juice or some water. Again I kept myself busy and was proud of how much work I got through! I think the fast helped to awaken my senses and my concentration skills were higher than normal.

Day Three was easy. Maybe it was because I knew it was the last day or that my body was more used to it. This day was also Easter Sunday. I went to the farmers market as usual and bought a lot of produce to juice with. That’s right! I wanted to continue the juice cleanse for another couple of days. I will probably allow myself one meal a day with 4 – 5 juices. It is important not to rush straight back into eating what you had before a juice fast. You need to allow your body to adjust to food digestion again and gently ease into it.

IMG_9179   IMG_9180   IMG_9181   IMG_9182


These are some pictures of the juice ingredients I used to make a variety of juices. I adapted the Sol juice combinations slightly to use what I had.

My advice if you are considering a juice fast/cleanse -

* Start small. Try one or two days to start with and see how your body responds.

* Try to choose days where you don’t have social engagements or strenuous activity planned.

* Be prepared to experience some feelings of detox – head aches, tiredness, hunger. Everyone will react differently. I had none of these symptoms this time, but I did last year when I did my juice fast.

* Research companies in your area that can supply the juice for you and read reviews.


* By your own produce and juice yourself. I recommend juicing all in one go a day or two ahead and storing them in jars in the fridge immediately. This is what I did yesterday. Don’t keep for longer than 3 days.

* There are no rules for what combinations to try. Just make sure you have at least one piece of fruit in each juice as veggies on their own do not taste that appealing! Try the above combos or research online to find more. I also post many pics on Instagram with the ingredients of my juices if you want to have a look.

This Sol Cleanse has left me feeling energised and sparkly! Just in time to head back to my Grade One class tomorrow :)

IMG_9166 - Version 2


All these opinions are my own. I paid full price for the cleanse and I’m not receiving an endorsement to write about Sol Cleanse. If you would like to find out more about the company, click here :)

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have done a cleanse before or you’d like to ask me some more questions about it. I look forward to hearing from you!










March 16, 2014
by Kim

Why you should experience a Fun Run!

Since I began running regularly in 2008, I’ve entered over 25 fun runs.

On February 23rd, I lined up for an 8km fun run (my 26th maybe!) If you’ve ever wanted to enter one, know what it is like and what you’re in for – read on! Put yourself in my bright, Newton running shoes for the day……………………………

The night before the run, you lay out your running gear, shoes, socks (the good ones) hat, and double check your Garmin is charged and your music playlist is in order. Then you take a pic of all your gear and post it on Facebook so everyone knows how awesome you are.

My Facebook photo

My Facebook photo

You get to bed earlier than usual to get a well-rested sleep.  By 11pm you are still awake trying to think of anything but the race the next day. You might as well check Facebook to see how many people like your awesome photo. By midnight you try very hard to ignore the fact you only have about 5 hours left until your alarm rings.

When it does go off, you get a few brief moments of wake up time before the wave of nervous tension hits you, spreading out all over your body from your fingertips to your toes before settling in the pit of your stomach.

You tell yourself everything is all good. Thinking positively, you get dressed, paying attention to how your socks fit, tieing the laces just right and pull your hair back securely with extra bobby pins to prevent fly-aways. You try very hard to eat something but end up just chewing it up in your mouth and spitting it back out without swallowing. It is impossible to stomach anything with the bubble of dread filling your stomach.

You go to the toilet convinced you need to throw up. You can’t. So you just sit on it for a while thinking of all the normal people who are still asleep on a Sunday morning. This process is repeated about five times.

You arrive at the event venue and collect your racing bib. You are cool, calm and collected – on the outside. Inside your head is wondering if you have enough time to go to the toilet or if you should just get in the car and go home. After all, no one knows you are doing this. Oh wait, yes they do – you announced it on social media the night before. Damn!

You tie your timing chip on your shoe and watch the runners who are doing laps of the stadium as a warm up. You think you are smart for not having to do that and conserve energy for the run. Then you realise they are all going to finish well before you so maybe you should do a warm up run. You entertain the thought for about two seconds before deciding no.

At the start line you nervously bounce up and down and watch everyone do the same as well as some half-assed stretches. Everyone is nervously bantering about the weather “I’m glad it is overcast,” “Yes, nice and cool”, “A bit windy but that should help us along.”

As you listen, you wonder why on earth you entered the 8km instead of the 5km which is just finishing. You remember you haven’t run more than 5kms in six months. You tell yourself you are an idiot for not training more. You regret every snooze on the alarm over the last month and scold yourself for trading running for an extra hour of sleep.

The race director asks people to shuffle forward and then explains the race route. Time to ignore the officials speech and make sure your Garmin has found the satellite signal and your phone app is working. You turn on that rocking playlist at the perfect volume to drown out the doubting voice screaming at you.

Starting gun goes off. “Oh hell, there is no way back now. Why on earth am I doing this?” Nothing else to do but run. You get carried away with the crowd and think it isn’t that bad. You can do this.

1 km mark Cruising nicely. Good mental headspace besides the fact the sun emerged from behind the clouds about two minutes after the start and the temperature went up 10 degrees.

2 km mark – Starting to tire as you haven’t found an easy rhythm yet. Trying to adjust posture and do a few deep belly breaths to prevent potential stitches taking over. You are coming up to a point where in the past, family members have gathered to wish you well as you run by. You hope they aren’t there today. You aren’t doing as well as you want to and don’t want them to see you struggle. As you approach the spot you look ahead and realise they aren’t there. “Oh god I could’ve really used a boost then” you think. You are all alone in this hell and have 6kms to go…..

3 km mark -  The dreaded spurters emerge! Spurters are the most annoying creatures. They do not run. They run and walk. A spurter runs past you and then begins to walk about 50 meters ahead of you. You keep running at your consistent pace and overtake them. Before you know it, they have begun running again and are overtaking you. Spurters are annoying as it messes with your mental strength. You see someone who is walking so much but ends up passing you time and time again.

4 km mark – half way and you are in a great rhythm and know the biggest part of the run is behind you. You have a bit of funny banter with a lady next to you about how the worst is now over. Then your sunglass lens pops out so you have to stop and get it. You realise your glasses frames are broken so you hold them in your hands as you run towards a bin and throw them out. The stopping, the detour to the bin, the squinting you have to do now the sun is in your eyes. That’s all it takes. Rhythm is over.

5 km mark – foot starts going numb. Realise it is the foot the timing chip was tied onto. Have to stop and re-tie shoe and encourage feeling back in foot.

6 km mark – the dreaded pathway that never ends. There is a section of the course that is one concrete footpath that lasts forever and once you reach the end of it, you run around a witches hat and have to run all the way back again. The volunteer at the end says “Good on you, you can do it, nearly there!” You smile and thank her whilst thinking ‘easy for you to say liar,’ knowing there is a good 2kms to go.

7 km mark – have a good rhythm going again and pace is quite good. Look up ahead and you see a hill. A big one. Oh buggar. You shuffle so slowly up it you think you may just be going backwards because the headwind has picked up again. Rhythm killed once again. Oh great! You see a photographer up ahead getting into position to snap a photo of you. You can do absolutely nothing to try to improve your appearance. You curse the broken sunnies that could’ve at least shielded your squinty, sweaty eyes. You think you have never looked so bad in your life. You think about all the nights out you have been glammed up where not a photo was ever taken of you. Flash! The pic was taken. Awesome.

2014-02-23 Corporate Challenge 1

THAT photo

7.5km mark – you see a glimpse of you sister and your nephew on the sidelines near the entrance to the stadium. Maybe it’s a mirage. You didn’t know they were coming. It is them! Your adorable nephew smiles and waves and you pick up the speed as you enter the stadium. One lap of it til the finish line!

You try to shield your eyes from the runners lying on the grass, chatting over oranges and water as you still have to focus and run 400 meters. Knowing the kiddies race should begin any minute, you get a surge. You pick up the speed and feel excited when you notice a small crowd has gathered and they are cheering for you! Then you realise it is for the spurter who is breathing down your neck. Okay, now you really muster up all of your extra energy and sprint the last 100m to the finish line and beat her.

You finish the race. One step over the finish line you are asked to remove your timing chip to put into bucket. You resist the urge to ask if it is okay to take a breath first. Catching your breath, you remove your chip, grab a piece of orange and guzzle down some water. You did it. 8kms down. It’s all over. Runners are all chatting to each other, playing down their efforts. You feel amazing, life is great! Everyone smiles to each other as they pass by. You all went through the same thing. No matter where they finished, every runner pushed themselves to the limit. You are a part of a wonderful community of runners who run for a thousand different reasons. Running is a part of you, it makes you feel alive. It keeps you fit and healthy and striving for the things that once seemed unachievable.

So what are you waiting for? Go and run a fun run!

~ Kim

This run was part of the Sports Super Centre Series of runs which lead up to the Gold Coast marathon.

Click here to go to their website and register for the next run on Sunday 30th March. 5km or 10km. I’ll be running the 10km.

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February 22, 2014
by Kim

Kim-bucha! Kombucha made by me :)

Kombucha is a fermented beverage made from a sweetened tea. This drink has been around for hundreds of years and has countless health benefits. I’ve been hooked on this stuff since I first tried it last April at a local organic restaurant.

My homemade Kombucha

My homemade Kombucha

Drink it for the following reasons –

~ it is fermented. This means that it is super good for your gut! Kombucha provides you with a variety of microorganisms which help to increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut. This promotes better digestion and a stronger immunity.

~ it can help you cut down (or cut out) alcohol and soft drink. Instead of that evening beer or lunchtime cola hit, drink a glass of kombucha to quench your cravings and feel awesome. Replace the guilt with goodness people!

Make your own for the following reasons –

~ once you taste it, you are going to want it whenever you like!

~ as with most amazingly good-for-you health beverages, it can be a little pricey so save money by making your own. I believe it costs me around $1 for every litre of Kombucha I make myself. In a health food store it costs between $12 and $15 for a litre equivalent.

~ it only takes about 20mins once a week to keep the Kombucha supply flowing!


How do I make it?

I have watched videos, looked at recipes and seen demonstrations and have adapted them all to find that the following ratios, quantities and method work for me. Do your research and experiment to find what the right balance is for you. In the meantime – this is a good way to start!

Ingredients -  green and black tea, filtered water, organic, raw sugar…




A scoby – a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. It is a slimy looking thing similar to calamari in texture.





What I make is enough for two 3L jars of brew. Please adjust accordingly.

Make the sweet tea

1. Bring 3 litres of water to the boil. Dissolve 1 ½ cups of sugar into the water. Note – I am using 2 separate pots so have split the quantities up.


IMG_8228WAIT! Don’t stop reading just because I mentioned I was pouring cups of sugar into the pot! When I found out that sugar was the main ingredient in kombucha, I was worried. Then I read more about it. This response to sugar worries on the Buchi website explains it perfectly -

We get asked about sugar a lot!  All authentic Kombucha is made from a base of tea, water and sugar. Most of the sugars are consumed by the probiotics during the culturing process prior to the bottling. Without the sugar in kombucha, there is no fermentation, and without fermentation, there’s no good nourishing acids and enzymes for your body. It’s also worth noting that many people find that when they drink Kombucha over a period of time their sugar cravings diminish and that ‘tart’ taste of the Kombucha dissipates and becomes more natural to the palate. This has to do with Kombucha alkalinizing the blood and regulating insulin levels.

So don’t stress – the sugar is food for the scoby. By the time it gets to you it has been converted into goodies for the gut!

2. Place 5 green tea bags and 5 black tea bags into the sugar water. Let it sit for 20 minutes.


3. Strain out tea bags and let the tea sit and cool to room temperature. This will take a few hours so make sure you are making it when you have enough time.

If you already have a brew going……. (if you don’t, go to step 7)

4. Carefully lift out the scoby of the previously made brew which has been fermenting and place it in a clean, glass dish.


5. Pour kombucha into bottles and add in any flavours you like before placing the cap tightly on. I like it plain, but occasionally put in a dash of organic grape juice or fresh lime juice in.


6. Leave about 10% of brew in the bottom of each jar. This helps to kick-start the fermentation process when you add the sweet tea and scoby. (go to step 8).


If you don’t have a brew……

So most likely if you are reading this, you don’t already have a brew going. Well as long as you have a scoby, and the sweet tea – you’re fine, you just need some liquid from the brew that your scoby came from or alternatively you can use some organic apple cider vinegar.

7. Fill about a tenth of your jar with apple cider vinegar or fermented brew.

8. If your tea has completely cooled to room temperature, then pour it into your jars and top them off with filtered water. Ensure the liquid is all mixed.



9. Gently, with clean hands (not washed with soap! Rinse with ACV) lower your scoby back into the jar. If it floats sideways, or sinks don’t worry. It will move around a little before settling on the top.


10. Place a cloth or paper towel over the top and secure with a rubber band. This is to stop little flies getting in when they pick up the scent of the sweet tea!


11. Store the jars in a dark place where they won’t be disturbed. I keep mine in the laundry cupboard. Fermentation process number one has begun!


12. After seven days, taste the tea. If it is very sweet, leave it for longer.  If it is really tangy and vinegary, it may have been left too long. It should have an appealing taste – not too sweet, not too vinegary. It is up to your particular taste. This first stage of fermentation depends on your climate and house temperature. On the Gold Coast in Australia right now it is summer and has been hitting between 25 – 32 degrees the last few months. So a seven day brew has been perfect for these conditions. In the winter I may have to leave it for 10 – 13 days. Basically, the warmer the conditions, the shorter the brew time.

13. The second fermentation process begins after bottling as outlined above. I leave the bottles for 7 days also. The longer left – the bigger chance of fizz, but also the higher risk of explosion! I find that 7 days is good for flavours and producing a good amount of fizz. I have left it for 14 days before too, and that was also good.


14. Refrigerate the bottles, patiently for them to become chilly, then serve and enjoy!


Where to get everything –

Tea – make sure it is organic so check out health food stores. Green or Black is best. You don’t want anything that has oils in it so be careful if choosing flavoured varieties of tea.

Pureau Water – I don’t have a filter on my tap (nor do I trust that one will be good enough to get out all the nasties from the water) so I buy 10L casks of this water each week. I want the best water for my brews! I’m sure filtered water will be fine though.

Sugar – I’ve used Coles raw organic sugar and Absolute Organic raw sugar. Both have been fine.  Remember the sugar is for the scoby – not for you!

Scoby – ask around health food stores in your area. They may know someone who brews and will have a scoby to give or sell. I bought my first one from a local lady who advertised them on Gumtree! You can buy dehydrated versions with instructions on how to rehydrate. I’ve never tried this.

UPDATE August 2015 – Buchi sells the scobies at Gold Coast Turf Club Markets and Burleigh Farmers Markets.

Glass mason jars – the ones I use are 4L jars bought from the Reject Store. $4 each.

Bottles – I re-use Buchi bottles I have. You can use any glass bottle with a secure, screw-top lid.


More information?

Buchi Australia – have their own brewery in Brisbane where they create all their own  unique flavourings of Kombucha. They also run fantastic brewing tours and demonstrations.

A range of the flavoured kombucha that Buchi produces. They are amazing! Made in Brisbane, Australia.

A range of the flavoured kombucha that Buchi produces. They are amazing! Made in Brisbane, Australia.

YouTube – watch videos! Just take note the brewing times they recommend may have to be altered. Here is one that I like –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8Y1uxexWfQ

I’d love to hear from anyone who gives this a go! If you have any further questions, comment below or send me an email – kim@runningonwellness.com.au

Happy brewing!

~ Kim

February 15, 2014
by Kim

There’s something about Jess…

I was attending a David Wolfe event in Brisbane last year when he announced the last prize draw of the day. I had all my fingers crossed willing the recipient to be me! Up flashed the name Jess Ainscough. ‘Oh bummer,’ I thought. As this girl walked up to the stage with a beaming smile, David said “I know you!” Jess laughed and said, “Yes I’ve interviewed you.” He encouraged her to share a bit about her story. That was the first time I came to know Jess and her incredible journey.

If you haven’t heard of Jess Ainscough,  (aka The Wellness Warrior), you must jump over to her website. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was 22 and told she would have to have her arm amputated to have a chance of living longer than a few years. By listening to her intuition, Jess did not follow her doctor’s recommendations and sought a different treatment option of Gerson Therapy. This involved a complete clean out of her body by ingesting organic juices and castor oil and doing regular coffee enemas. For two years, Jess was ‘chained to her juicer’ and followed a strict regime to give her body the best chance it had of survival. Her body thrived on the treatment and Jess has managed to outlive her life expectancy and change her life.

Not only her life. Thousands of people have gained insight and knowledge from her blog, speaking appearances and now from her book and book tour.

Soon after reading about her journey I joined up to her Lifestyle Transformation Guide which is an amazing e-course. Week by week, you are introduced a wealth of information to help you implement small changes to transform your life to become your own wellness warrior. In one of the modules was the interview she did with David Wolfe!

I was so fortunate to have been chosen by Jess to attend her very first retreat last September at Cabarita Ocean Retreat. It was an inspiring three days of meditation, yoga, beach walks, juices, delicious organic meals, bike riding, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and best of all –connecting with amazing people and making new friends. Oh – and doing coffee enemas! Yes, Jess wasn’t going to let us get out of sticking coffee up our rear ends! She and Melissa Ambrosini showed us how to do them (Mel had done her first one the night before) and then sent us away to our rooms to have a go ourselves. No excuse when it was all rigged up for us ready to go. I might not write any more about the actual process but if you want to find out more – click here. I still do these once a week at home. They are a great detoxifier and you truly feel amazing afterwards.


My best memory from the retreat was after I had done stand up paddle boarding for the first time in my life! We were all bike riding back to the resort and I was riding alongside Jess. We talked about the retreat, her holiday in Hawaii and how excited she was about her book which was a couple of months off being released. Jess is such a natural, charismatic gentle soul and you feel so amazing in her company.


Make Peace with your Plate is a must have book for those who are confused with what they should be eating to maintain optimal health. Jess cuts through the diet-fads and crazes and gets back to basic whole-food nourishment. My favourite quote from the book –

My message is about wellness: whole body, complete, total, feel-so-good-you-feel-like-you’re-leaving-a-trail-of-rainbow-sparkles-wherever-you-go wellness.



IMG_8024It was so exciting to attend Jess’s event in Brisbane last Thursday night. I took my mum along as I wanted her to be a part of this world of wellness I moved into. The event exceeded my expectations. I knew so much about Jess already, but her 30 minute opening talk had everyone hanging onto her every word. Then out came Wes Carr (former Australian Idol) who told his story about his battle with illness and anxiety and how he has overcome it by getting off the ‘pharmaceutical meds’ and onto the food meds. He cracked us up with some of his anecdotes and views on what self-love means for Aussie blokes. Wes also performed a couple of awesome tracks off his new album which got us on our feet clapping along.

Another of the special guests was Cyndi O’Meara who is a knowledgeable nutritionist. I’ve been following her on Facebook page Changing Habits for years. She is a wealth of information and has been making the same, quality recommendations for healthy eating for 20 years, despite all the low-fat, sugar free fads that come and go.

James Colquhoun is the creator of Food Matters and Hungry for Change. He was highly entertaining to listen to and had such a passion for providing better information for people so they can invariably make better choices for their health. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to him about the impact his documentaries have had on my life.






My life turned around last year and my path to wellness and happiness has been hugely influenced by The Wellness Warrior, Jess Ainscough. She is such a beautiful soul who was kept on this earth to inspire us all to live our best lives (whilst leaving our own trail of rainbow sparkles!!!).

~ Kim

February 1, 2014
by Kim

My love/hate relationship with The Biggest Loser

I’ve watched this show since the beginning and catch most episodes in each series. It is one of the few shows on TV that try to promote a healthy lifestyle. I was really looking forward to this series as it was taking on the challenge of helping a whole town to lose weight. Here is my opinion on some aspects of this TV program -


Not an episode goes by without a contestant crying their eyes out or breaking down into a sobbing mess. Sometimes you think the trainer is given a script to read that will push all the right buttons to produce the tears at just the right moment so the camera can catch it. The emotional breakdowns can be caused from a monster training session, physical pain, a message from a family member, or even achieving a new fitness challenge or having a great weigh in. All these tears may lead viewers to think they are all weak cry-babies. However annoying it can be, I understand why they are this way. For the most part of their life, food was the thing that supressed their emotions, that prevented them from feeling them and letting them out when needed. If they were sad, they ate. When they were lonely or bored, they ate. Even when they were happy and excited, they ate. Whenever they felt ashamed and unhappy about their weight or their reflection, food was the thing that helped to numb this emotion and supress the tears. At the Biggest Loser camp, there is no comfort food. When these feeling emerge they spill over and the littlest thing can set them off. They are forced to feel the way they need to and not distract themselves with calorie-laden plates of refined, sugary crap.BLFriMorn


The sessions run by the trainers look pretty brutal. They are designed to push the contestants to the max. I don’t believe a person should go from nothing to 5 hours of exercise a day but this show is designed to produce extreme results and this training will do that. I believe they only showcase the absolute worst of it and most exercise without the trainers is walking and more low impact stuff. These sessions show the players what they are really capable of. They achieve so much more than physical fitness gains. They grow their confidence and self-worth. They start to believe in themselves and ask “What more am I capable of?” The show should show more of what a day of physical activity looks like for each contestant. At the moment, someone watching may think to lose weight, you have to flip tyres, run up 100 steps then use the rowing machine until you throw up!


Now we only see what goes to air so it is difficult to get a good understanding of how these trainers truly support their clients but here is my view -

Michelle – I think she is a great mix of relating to the emotional side and being a tough, no-nonsense motivator. She has made the toughest, biggest men crumble.

Shannan – he is tough, but also a softie. I love how he brings boxing into the mix and laughs with the contestants

Commando – he has saved this show. From the robot-like drill sergeant with corny one liners in his first appearance to the supportive, encouraging sex-symbol we see today! He sure has all the women drooling. Without this guy I feel that ratings would be on a downward slide.



This is a form of challenge where the producers lay out a feast containing 1 billion calories in refined and processed crap and tell the contestants they can stay at the camp for another week if they pig out on the stuff! It makes for entertaining viewing but it does fly in the face of everything they have been told. The only good thing is how sick they feel after eating it, showing viewers the effect of ‘bad food’ in a body that has been nourished with good food.



The best episodes are the makeovers and then the final reveals. They are so amazing and you can see the change in the physical appearance but also the confidence level. It gives you so much motivation to think – if they can do it, I can too. The best thing is to see the pride in the faces of their families in the audience.



Nutrition!!!! A few seasons ago they had an episode a week dedicated to learning to cook healthy meals and filling in food diaries. Now it barely mentions what they eat. I was hoping to see the town members attend cooking demonstrations Jamie Oliver style but haven’t yet. Food is 80% of successful weight loss compared with the 20% that physical activity brings. Because viewers will find it difficult to have access to the physical regime that the contestants have, they should be educated about what to eat. I also would love to see a ‘where are they now’ special where we see how the contestants have managed to maintain their weight loss.

I realise this is a show designed to ‘entertain’ but I feel it could do so much more to motivate and educate those watching at home at the same time. I’ll keep watching it though. It is inspiring to see how people can turn their lives around in such a short space of time. The commando is another bonus reason ;)

What are your thoughts? Love it or hate it? Comment below.

~ Kim

January 18, 2014
by Kim

Voodoo Hippy Monkey Magic

The above string of words is what I used to label the whole ‘new age’ genre and everything within it. This is the story of how my beliefs were turned completely on their head in the space of a year.


There are no pictures to depict the title of this post so this was drawn by me (if you couldn't tell!)

There are no pictures to depict the title of this post so this was drawn by me (if you couldn’t tell!)

My old beliefs –

  • People who meditated could be doing something more useful with their time.
  • Yoga doesn’t burn many calories and is a waste of a workout.
  • Crystals are just pretty rocks and I won’t buy a dust collector.
  • Psychics are good guessers and are ripping gullible people off.
  • Tarot and angel cards have pretty pictures on them but I wouldn’t let a picture on a piece of cardboard give me life advice.

So when did I believe all of this? Just 12 months ago. I could not understand or relate to anyone who did daily yoga, bought crystals or meditated. I didn’t get it. No one explained it to me in a way I understood and I never went seeking more information. I didn’t get exposed to any of this when I was growing up and did not know anyone who did. I made quick judgements on people and practices on face value and never looked beneath. I did not take the time to experience anything for myself to make an informed decision.

How did I change my beliefs? Education and experience.

I started reading  books and attending workshops within the health and wellness profession. I became exposed to the ‘self love’ phenomenon and affirmations. A whole new world was opened up by following inspirational people on Instagram. I tried things I’d never tried before at Jessica Ainscough’s retreat and started to meditate and do regular yoga sessions for the first time in my life. As soon as I began opening up my mind to new experiences, I embraced new beliefs and ways of thinking without dismissing them immediately.

Through increasing my health and confidence, I was letting go of negativity and the security shield of what I was used to. When new opportunities entered my life, I embraced them without dwelling on any possible negative factors.

I never thought I’d ever pay to have a reading done. Two weeks ago I did! I asked my beautiful, spiritual friend Lauren to go with me. It was an aura photo with a 15 min reading. On the first of January I’d chosen the word ‘trust’ as my word for January to be written in my ‘Create your Amazing Year’ calendar. I wrote it in big capital letters. During the reading, the psychic wrote one word down in capital letters and emphasised why to me – TRUST. At the end of the reading, she asked me to choose a bookmark from about ten. They were all face down. I chose the one below. I would’ve written this off to be a crazy coincidence twelve months ago. Now I choose to believe it is a sign of something I really need to take notice of.


You can make out the TRUST!!! half way down on the right.

You can make out the TRUST!!! half way down on the right.











Everything I’ve learned and experienced in these last 10 months have led me to take on a new set of beliefs -

My new beliefs –

Meditation is a way I relieve stress and let go of negativity and pain. I do not do this as regularly as I would like, but even once a week is a huge step up from where I was this time last year. It makes me feel relaxed and calm.

Yoga trains my body and mind. It is a mirror – showing myself my strengths and weaknesses. It is still very challenging for me and I have to admit I do not enjoy myself throughout a whole class. I always feel great afterwards and celebrate small achievements such as holding a new pose strong. At the moment I’m focusing on a 10 – 30min session at home, five days a week.

Crystals have healing properties if you believe they do. I have bought ten of them for myself and a few for close friends who I felt needed them at the time. I have one in my bag, one in my car, one on my desk at work, a few by my desk at home, in front of my goal area artworks and one beside my bed.

Psychics are in tune with some higher power and can sense things I can’t. My first ever experience of having a reading was amazing and has changed my opinion about them.

Tarot and angel cards can help ease your mind and give you comfort when you need guidance. I have used these a few times over the last few months. I did an interesting reading on New Years Eve. at 11:55pm on Dec 31st 2013, I turned over this card –


At 12:05am on Jan 1st 2014, I turned over this card –


I’m not sharing what this meant to me, but I can assure you it helped me transition into the new year and let go of things I was still holding on to.

Have you ever come to believe in something you never thought you would? I would love to hear from you!

~ Kim


January 11, 2014
by Kim

Overcoming my Veggie Phobia



Image found here

Image found here

See this picture? This girl hates the sight of these vegetables. This was my view of vegetables too at her age. The only difference is – I didn’t grow out of it. I did not eat vegetables for the first 30 years of my life.

That may sound crazy to you but for me it was a real life phobia. Everyone has a food that they hate. They despise it and it makes them cringe at the mere thought of it. Imagine that food for you in your mind. Think of the look, texture and smell of it. Is your skin crawling yet? Now imagine it was on your plate every night and you were asked to ‘at least try it’ over and over. You tried very hard to keep any meat, rice or pasta away from it in case the flavour of it rubbed off on the stuff you could eat. That was the first 30 years of my life with vegetables. The only vegetable I could handle was potato (of course the only real bad one). Many people thought I was weird. Some thought I was just being fussy. Most thought I should ‘just eat it because it’s healthy for you’. But each time I tried to chew a bit of capsicum or cucumber I’d start to gag and end up spitting it out. It was more than being fussy. It was a real phobia called Lachanophobia.

Image found here

Image found here

I first heard about this phobia on an ABC program where doctors were studying a group of five people who had this fear to varying degrees. The texture of vegetables was one of the main reasons why they had developed this fear and I could relate. There isn’t another food which has a similar texture to vegetables and this together with their yucky taste was too much for me to stomach. I can’t eat banana’s for a textural reason too. This TV program reassured me there were others in the world like me!

My mum was worried I wasn’t gaining the necessary nutrition and took me to a dietician when I was a teenager. The dietician was not too impressed, but she was aware of the phobia and said as long as I took a multi-vitamin I’d be fine. My Dad’s approach was to slap $50 on the table and say I’d get it if I ate a bit of carrot. I tried my hardest but spat it out as I started to dry reach. I could’ve made a lot of money if I’d learned to eat vegetables back then!


A few years ago I saw another lady experienced in nutrition and she wasn’t as accommodating as the dietician. This woman told me my liver and kidneys must be very badly damaged and I’d be diagnosed with a severe illness within the next two years. She kept shaking her head in disbelief and she couldn’t believe I had no major health problems from not eating vegetables. Needless to say, I drove home from that meeting in tears. Someone who is paid to guide people into making healthy choices and educate them about food should not flat out say “you will not have many more years ahead of you if you keep eating this way.” I believed a pack-a-day smoker or McDonalds addict didn’t even deserve to be spoken to the way she spoke to me. I know there was some truth to what she was saying, but her delivery needed improving.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to eat vegetables. I did! As you may have read in previous blog posts, I’ve lost weight countless times before and every time I went on a new diet – I couldn’t eat vegetables. Losing weight would have been so much easier if I could tuck in to a big salad for lunch most days! Even though every diet recommends some form of salad and veggies with every meal that wasn’t an option for me. So I found myself eating a very restrictive diet when I was losing weight. Mostly of protein, low-fat dairy, fruit and practically no carbs. Very unhealthy. A typical dinner for me would be a steak with tomato sauce on top or two eggs or a piece of chicken breast. Lunch would be very similar! When I ate out I’d pick lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, beetroot, mushroom off any burger I’d order. I’d always leave salad or veggies on my plate whenever I dined out. I chose plain sushi – such as chicken teriyaki or tuna & avocado and pick the avocado out. A few times there would be a stray piece of lettuce in my sushi and I’d crunch into it and gag, spitting out the whole mouthful immediately. At Subway they’d ask what salads I wanted and I’d say ‘none!’ but sometimes they already were moving the lettuce towards my sub. Sometimes a piece would even land on the bread and I’d start freaking out inside wanting to tell them to remove it immediately!


 Image found here

In the last 18 months, I have begun to incorporate vegetables into my daily diet. So how did I do it? It began by researching the benefits that vegetables bring to the body. I knew they were ‘good for me’ but didn’t realise the specifics – that mushrooms contain Vitamin D and are great for boosting your metabolism (among a hundred other good reasons). I didn’t know capsicum contained a compound called capsaicin which helps with pain relief or beetroot is high in magnesium and iron and can reduce blood pressure. I learned about what food promoted an alkalizing effect on the body (plants) and what foods promoted an acidic environment. Now I could see how much my body could benefit from eating a variety of vegetables, I took action into finding out how I could start ingesting them without them coming back up!

It started with green smoothies. So many foodies on social media were blending up these so I started adding a small handful of spinach leaves into a smoothie each morning. Although I wasn’t too fussed at first, they became more and more drinkable as the days went on. Then I made a chicken quiche which had broccoli and zucchini in it. I put them in a food processor on the mega high-speed setting to whiz them up really small before adding them to the quiche. Spinach leaves and tomato were introduced at dinner time by mixing them into the frypan with whatever I was cooking at the time.

Then I stepped it up when I bought my juicer! I had saved my pennies for a few months as Jessica Ainscough had specified that the cold press juicers were best as they kept the enzymes intact. I just watched ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ about Joe Cross, an Aussie who goes on a 60 day juice fast. The next day I went to the farmers market for the first time and bought two bags of fresh vegetables and some fruit. Then I drove to Myer and bought the juicer I’d researched – the Hurom 400. That was the first day of a five day juice fast! What a way to start! At first my juices didn’t taste that good, but because the texture was in a liquid form, I didn’t have a gag reflex so could drink them down easily. I grew to like the taste. As my body got used to the nutritious enzymes the juices brought to my cells, I believe it started to respond in a positive way, crave more and my tastes began to change.

IMG_7540 IMG_7521

Some of the juices I made this week!






Now that doesn’t mean I can sit down and eat a bowl of plain, raw vegetables tomorrow. That thought is still quite disgusting to me. But with a healthy dressing and combination of other ingredients I can eat it. I don’t love it, but I eat it and understand the ‘eat it because it is healthy’ saying. This is a picture of the salad I ate yesterday for lunch. I didn’t love it but I was able to eat it without gagging and walk away nourished and satisfied. I would order it again.


My Dad always said I’d start eating my veggies when I was 30. Dad you were right and I’m a healthier and happier person because of it!

Can I have that $50 now?

~ Kim

November 10, 2013
by Kim

28 Days of PULSE

I had never even heard of Pulse until I went to a free seminar put on by Don Toman on the 18th August. It was titled “Where truth and health lies” and he spoke about the pharmaceutical industry and how it is making us sicker instead of better. Don promoted the use of whole foods to heal ourselves and lead our most optimal lives. He also told a wonderful story about how as a child, he attended his first (and last) Sunday school lesson and learned of this ancient food Pulse that made humans stronger, more alert, vibrant and smarter. After hearing this Bible story, Don went around to every adult asking what pulse was and where he could get some. No answer came so Don dedicated 17 years of his life searching for it around the world. Along the way, he discovered medicinal recipes for healing and references to ancient foods from past ancestors. This is where his passion for foods for medicine came from. As soon as he stopped looking for Pulse, he found it. A whole manuscript in a private collection in the US was about Pulse. Don wrote it all out and managed to recreate it for us today.

In the beginning…..
Pulse was anciently referred to as a sacred meal – a specific blend and ratio of raw whole food to support energy, strength and longevity.
Today it’s back… Nourish. Energise. Cleanse.
Give yourself the daily nourishment you deserve.

I was fascinated by the story. Don mentioned that you can purchase Pulse by the bag or in packages of 2, 3, 7 , 14 or 28 bags. After a couple of weeks, I decided to try it and bought 3 bags of Pulse. I received mango, blueberry and cranberry flavour. I ate just one bag each day for three days. It was a bit challenging to not have any other foods, but I really enjoyed the taste and texture of the Pulse.
What made me want to do a full 28 days of just Pulse??? Well I had just returned to school after the school holidays and was immediately stressed. Term 4 is always the busiest of the year and this year I not only had full time teaching to cope with but also studying at IIN (and blogging of course). I started to develop bad cravings for food to help me cope and make me feel better. I gave in a couple of times. Now I know eating some junk isn’t the end of the world, but for me in the past, this has triggered a horrific binge-eating cycle (I’ll post about this in a couple of weeks). I did not want to go through that and felt I had enough to deal with. I also wanted to try a vegan diet for a few weeks but knew I couldn’t just jump into that immediately. I needed time to research and prepare (I only started eating vegetables last year. Will post about this story too soon).
So what I needed was to completely detach myself from food for comfort, emotional support and stress relief and get back to seeing it as a fuel source to nourish my body and make me feel great. Pulse was my answer. Fortune Events were offering a special on the 28 day Pulse pack and I snapped it up. Talk about perfect timing!

Week 1 – This was tough! I started experiencing headaches during days 3 – 5. My tummy grumbled quite often throughout the day and suddenly I was seeing food everywhere I looked! My instagram account was just a whole reel of delicious food and it was tough to see it everywhere. By the end of week 1 I felt much better and was getting used to it. A big first test was at a friend’s 31st birthday Octoberfest barbeque. I sat at the end of a table laden with salami, cheeses, crackers, potato chips, breads, dips and olives. Everyone was drinking home brew beer or cider. I sipped on my coconut water and snuck inside for a few mouthfuls of Pulse when I got hungry.

The Day of the BBQ

The Day of the BBQ

Week 2 – Much better. I was feeling energised and my senses were more alert. My stomach had noticeably gone down and lost it’s feeling of being bloated. Grocery shopping was fun and cheap! Lemons for my morning lemon water, Pureau water, washing powder and kitty litter! I lost all cravings for junk food. My second outing was with my sister and mum. They ate burgers and hot chips whilst I had my Pulse. It was a lot easier to deal with this time. I didn’t even want to have one chip. I saw them in a different light. There is nothing about a hot chip that will benefit my body.

A typical weekly grocery shop whilst on Pulse!

A typical weekly grocery shop whilst on Pulse!

Week 3 – This week was the week I received so many comments about how I was looking brighter and more alert. I felt it too. This was also the week I had two cheats! I ate a handful of almonds on two afternoons. I justified this as okay because almonds are ingredients of Pulse anyway! Why did I go for them? I was searching through my pantry and just saw the remnants of a packet I’d forgotten about. So I ate some! This wasn’t about me craving something bad to eat, I just saw them and had some. They were very satisfying. I didn’t finish my bag of Pulse because those almonds were enough. I went out with my best friend on Saturday night. Ate some Pulse for dinner at home and whilst I was out, I drank soda water and lime. We stayed out til 3am and I woke at 7.30am the next day feeling fresh!

Me before heading out!

Me before heading out!

Week 4 – On Sunday I attended another of Don’s events. I was lucky enough to meet him and told him I was on my 21st day of Pulse. He said he was so proud of me and wished he knew earlier so he could’ve called me up on stage! That was one of the best days I’ve had this year. Was so full of joy all day. On Tuesday, I had a Melbourne Cup staff breakfast to attend and sat there with my Pulse surrounded by others with their plates of hot buffet breakfast foods. Surprisingly, this was easier than I thought. I did cheat a little and drank some non-alcoholic champagne which was very sweet, but I didn’t beat myself up about that considering I’d forgone the breakfast. I also sat with my colleagues during the staff meeting that afternoon as they began eating through a box of Cadbury Favourites (a prize we won for winning the best table). Still no desire to take a chocolate. By mid-week it was getting a bit tough. Maybe it was my body telling me it needed something else, or my mind saying that it was nearly over. I developed cravings towards the end of the week – but it was for good whole foods. I craved fruit, green juices, soups, kale chips. I also started drinking my beloved Kombucha drink again each night.


Meeting Don Tolman was amazing!

Meeting Don Tolman was amazing!

Frequently Asked Questions. I was asked the same questions over and over throughout the fast so I’ll answer them here –
Q – What is that stuff?
A – It is a blend of raw, whole foods. Ingredients of ‘Cranberry’ are – buckwheat, dates, cranberries, raisins, prunes, sesame seeds, quinoa, flax seed, sunflower seeds, figs, cashews, almonds, pecans, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, grapeseed oils, walnut oil, sea salt, beet powder.
Q – What is the texture?
A – I liken it to a chewy fruit and nut bar. The ingredients are ground up. It is great to chew as you have soft, chewy and crunchy parts.

This is what it looks like. My picture that was re-grammed by Don Tolmal International!

This is what it looks like. My picture that was re-grammed by Don Tolmal International!

Q – Where is it made?
A – It is made right here in Australia!
Q – Have you lost any weight?
A – Yes! I was very surprised to lose as much as I did. I lost 7.2kgs in 4 weeks. It was surprising to try on a dress that fit me 4 weeks ago and is now too loose to wear!

Wanted to wear the black dress but had to quicky find another as it was too big!

Wanted to wear the black dress but had to quicky find another as it was too big!

Q – Why would you do this? Food is there to be enjoyed.
A – I agree that food should be delicious and enjoyed. I can tend to form too much of an emotional attachment to food and needed to break away from this pattern. Pulse helped me to retrain my thoughts around foods and allowed my body to experience four weeks of pure nourishment without any crap. It cleansed my system. I also enjoyed the Pulse!
Q – Why do this now?
A – I am currently single and living alone. My social calendar wasn’t too busy during the month so I knew I could fit this in without sacrificing dinners out or Christmas parties. I think it would’ve been a bigger challenge if I lived with people who constantly ate food around me 24/7.
Q – Have you cheated?
A – As mentioned above, yes I had a few handfuls of almonds on a few afternoons. But I did cheat one other time and I’ll be completely open and honest about it. On Friday of Week 3, a student in my class had a birthday and he brought in 26 cupcakes fresh from the bakery. At morning tea he handed them all out to his friends and one for me. Now, I was not going to say “No way mate, I’m on a Pulse Fast” to a 7 year old. So I said thank you and took it. I wasn’t going to eat it but before I knew it, it was in my mouth!!! What followed was not good. About 10 minutes later, I had extreme pains in my body where the cupcake was trying to be digested. I kept pushing on my stomach trying to relieve the pain and make it go down. My body was sending me a clear sign that this food was no longer welcome in my body. I do not regret eating the cupcake as I needed to go through this feeling to know why I shouldn’t ingest this kind of food in the future.

So what now?
The last few modules of my nutritional course have spoken about vegan, vegetarian and macrobiotic diets. I want to experiment with these and see how my body responds. I am not going to go straight from eating only Pulse to eating only foods. For the next week, I’ll continue having Pulse for all meals except dinner where I’ll be eating a vegan meal. I’ll also have a green juice in the morning and afternoon as I’ve missed these! I’ve just planned out my week of food and have been grocery shopping and filled up my empty fridge. I want to be careful I don’t gorge myself on lots of meals a day (even though they’ll be healthy), as I believe this could see me gain back some weight I lost. I’ll phase Pulse out gradually until I can just eat it for snacks.

Just did a proper grocery shop for the first time in 4 weeks!

Just did a proper grocery shop for the first time in 4 weeks!

If you like the idea of Pulse and want to try it, I recommend the 3 day pulse fast or just introducing it into your diet as a snack. Remember I only ate one bag a day and that was it, so do not eat one bag a day just for snacks. It is too much! Pulse is very filling so you only need a few mouthfuls as a snack. The bags are resealable so you can keep it fresh for many days!
You can get more information and order Pulse through this link – Fortune Events

TODAY! I saved my favourite flavour until last.

TODAY! I saved my favourite flavour until last.

I posted a pic every day on my Instagram account. Here they all are!!!

I posted a pic every day on my Instagram account. Here they all are!!!

I’d just like to mention that I am not an affiliate for Don Tolman or any of his products. I’m promoting Pulse because it is an amazing product and has done wonders for my health in mind and body.

If you have any questions, please ask in the Comments section :) Thanks for reading!

~ Kim

November 3, 2013
by Kim

My Marathon

This is an experience that is very hard to sum up into words which is why it’s taken me so long to attempt to write it. This post will focus purely on the race itself (which is 42.2km long), but I’ll give you a brief sum up of the lead up before I reached the start line.


~ I’d been suffering from very painful side stiches that would come and go when I ran and had plagued me for 18 months.

~ My longest training run was 35kms from Burleigh to the Spit and back. It felt amazing!

~ I was seeing a physio for treatment 1 – 2 times a month in the lead up.

~ I tried on more than 15 pairs of shoes and bought 2 pairs before finding the right ones for the race.

~ My back pain started to flare up a week before the race and I couldn’t walk for more than 30mins at a time before having to sit and rest.

~ I attended free marathon seminars put on by the Gold Coast Running Centre which were so helpful.

~ I did all my training runs by myself.

Note: The photos used in this post have never been shown to anyone before. I couldn’t bear to look at them a few months ago as all I could see was ‘fat’ and it depressed me. My mind set has changed since then and now I can only see the positive things in these photos. I bought the photo package last week and will treasure these memories without any shame.  

As I lined up at the start line, I was thinking “Am I really about to do this?” I couldn’t believe the moment had arrived. I had complete faith I would finish the race and it would be just a matter of how long it took me. We sang the national anthem and then we were off!!!

Well, it was more of a shuffling start than a running start due to the 5000 people competing in the event. We headed south from Broadwater Parklands, over the bridge and veered of the highway towards Main Beach. I was overwhelmed by all the crowds who were cheering on every single runner. I was really enjoying myself and kept telling myself to savour the moment and lap it all up. I cruised past Surfers and Broadbeach and it was then when I saw the front runners coming back. Yep! They’d already been to Burleigh, turned around and were on their way back!!! Seeing them powering by was awe-inspiring and all of us still heading south gave them an applause.  I was maintaining 7min per km which was the slow and steady pace I knew would get me to the finish line. I kept checking this at each km checkpoint and knew I was on track. I managed to see an old trainer Brendan along the way. He did not laugh in my face when I said I wanted to run a marathon one day and totally believed in me that I’d do it. Here I was, running in my marathon and waving at him as he passed me, heading back north. I saw Brooke and Rachel my friends from training soon after and cheered them on. At Miami I saw my first supporter, Dad, who ran along-side me for about 20 meters. He did so in his thongs and I knew that was the longest distance he’d run in about 40 years! He completed his own personal marathon that day! I was re-energised by seeing him and it powered me through to Burleigh (15kms) and through the turn-around. After this my back started aching a little and I developed slight stiches I had to try to get rid of by alternating my breathing. I saw friends, Belinda and Paula on this stretch and along Hedges Ave, Trudie my trainer ran along-side me for a while, giving me some encouraging words.


Reaching Broadbeach (20kms) again, I felt my back pain becoming more intense and my stitch was not subsiding as well as it had been earlier. I walked for about 20 paces before starting again. I had to do this three more times through Surfers, whilst digging my fingers under my ribs and trying to release the muscle spasm causing the pain. At Main Beach (28kms), it was getting bad and at one point, after a couple of minutes walking, I began to run and black spots started dancing in my eyes. I felt dizzy and stumbled to the side of the road convinced I was about to be sick. Putting my head upside down only made it worse so I stood upright and tried some deep breathing and blinking. At this point, on the side of the road, pain searing across my back and through my ribs, I thought it was over. If there was a medic nearby, I might’ve raised my hand and pulled out. Instead, I thought about my family who’d be up ahead waiting for me and I reminded myself of why I was doing this. I kept walking and tried to focus on my music and to think about anything else but where I was and what my body was going through.

It was this time, in my most dire of moments that a guardian angel tapped me on the shoulder. Her name was Michelle and she was from Tasmania. She’d seen me walking and running and had been trying to catch up with me. She said she was struggling too and didn’t think she’d be able to do much more running. I was not happy with the idea that I’d have to walk the rest of the way but I knew that if I didn’t, and tried to push through I may not finish at all. So I turned my music off and Michelle and I teamed up and walked from the 30km mark. We had 12km to cover and it was the longest walk of my life. I’d realised as we passed by the start line and headed north, the winners of the marathon had probably finished, had an ice bath, recovery swim, massage and were back in their hotel rooms finishing a movie! On this walk I saw my Dad, Mum sister Kylie, her partner Levi and my gorgeous nephew Kale. Although I was a bit ashamed I was walking, I smiled confidently and tried to show a positive demeanour. I didn’t want them to think I was in any pain. They gave Michelle and I some jelly beans which helped to boost our morale. This northern leg was pretty quiet with very few supporters. As we were right at the back of the pack, not many people had bothered to stick around. So I was thankful to have Michelle to keep me company on what would’ve been a very lonely, depressing walk otherwise.



Putting on a brave face. Approaching this camera man I remember us saying – Look happy! Look happy!

I saw my friends Lisa and Josh at Land’s End Bridge who I’d cheered on the day before in the 10km run. I was so grateful they had waited this long to see me. I was about 45mins over the time I thought I’d pass through this point. Michelle and I talked about so many funny and mundane things. We did anything to keep us moving and our minds away from the pain. I had tears streaming down my cheeks with 3kms to go and even though the end was near, my back was hurting so much and my feet felt like they were on fire with every step. As we inched closer to the finish line, we saw many more supporters. I saw Tim who had presented those Marathon seminar series, my old training buddy Libby and my mum. As Michelle and I saw the finish line I told her we’d have to finish it running. I don’t even remember it hurting because I was determined to finish this thing with strength and positivity.


It was an amazing feeling to cross that finish line. My time was 6 hours and 8 minutes. Not at all what I thought I would do but I was so pleased I’d finished. I’d been running and walking for over 6 hours without stopping so that in itself was an endurance feat! But no resting quite yet! They make you walk about 100 meters to get an orange wedge then even further to collect your medal and shirt (which was totally worth it). We just shuffled along. I was shaking all over and my teeth were chattering. My body was definitely in some state of shock. It was so good to see my mum and lay down with my feet up against a wall. I’d just finished a marathon.


My guardian angel – Michelle

For a long time, I wasn’t sure whether to feel immensely proud to have finished or very disappointed I couldn’t run as well on the day as I had done in training. I’m still a bit torn between the two. In the weeks afterwards, I thought I’d never do it again. Now, I know I will run another one. I’m putting everything into improving my health and wellbeing to prevent any of those issues from niggling at me in the future. I’m going back to basics and starting off barefoot running, the way we were all supposed to run and the reason why all the African runners are so superior.

The main thing I learned from the experience is that I am capable of much more than I ever thought. This experience can give me strength and confidence in other aspects of my life. I know if I put in the effort and truly believe in myself that I can do astounding things. The best thing is that for the rest of my life I can call myself a marathon runner.


October 28, 2013
by Kim
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Goal Setting Freebie for YOU!

I have discovered more balance and happiness in my life by focusing on improving four areas – relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality. I’ve always been a great goal setter and love planning goals and following the steps to achieve them. I’ve always done this with my running. Successful goal setting took me from running 5kms to running a full marathon this year.
These are some mistakes people make when setting a goal –

• not identifying why they want it or how they are going to get it
• not sharing the goal with anyone
• not identifying anyone to support them
• not being specific or realistic

Have you ever not reached your goal because of one of these reasons?

I’ve developed a goal setting tool to help you successfully write obtainable goals and achieve them. These goals focus around those four key areas of your life. I designed some images to suit each area and the gorgeous Byron Bay artist Tertia Starr brought them to life for me! Find Tertia on instagram @tertiastarr. I love them so much they are framed in my study.

tertia pic

These gorgeous illustrations are incorporated into the goal setting templates to help inspire you and keep your goals in a visible space. How do you get them? Just fill in your name and email address on the right of my website (or down the bottom on an iphone) and you will be able to download in a matter of seconds!

The download contains –

~ A ‘how to’ guide for writing your goals.
~ Four brainstorming sheets, one for each area
~ Four goal setting templates with coloured borders
~ Four goal setting templates with black borders
    (Just choose which style suits you best! I’m a ‘black border’ girl).

If you have a question or need some support, please do not hesitate to email me. I wish you all the best with your goal setting and hope this tool will help improve your quality of life, just as it has for me!

~ Kim